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Analyst Kantar Worldpanel has released its latest set of data covering the UK’s smartphone OS sales situation, showing that the Android user percentage continues to rise over here, with Google’s OS now powering well over half of all smartphones sold in the UK.

The numbers, for the three months ending in November of 2013, show that Apple’s iOS smartphone share is down as a result of Android’s continuing explosion, and…


…in a rather embarrassing development for BlackBerry, Microsoft’s Windows Phone has blown past it to take third place in the smartphone OS market share war, doubling WP’s share in the space of a year to take a newly respectable 10 per cent of all smartphone sales in the UK.

Meanwhile, Kantar says 86% of all mobiles sold during that three month period were “smart” models. Read more over at Kantar.

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Sega’s transition to mobile developer continues, with a version of its well-received home console Mario Kart clone Sonic Racing Transformed arriving on Android today. For £2.99 you get to race 10 characters around tracks inspired by Sega games of old, with the game’s Google Play listing claiming multiplayer racing is “coming soon” too.

We can’t help but be baffled by this continuing Sega retro fascination, as the average 12-year-old gamer of 2014 won’t have the slightest clue what some of the tracks and music are referring to. Still, here it is:



Looks nice enough, and some people we trust liked it on console, but we’re officially too old to be bothering with it. Check Sonic Racing Transformed out here if you’re young and impressed by colours.

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We’ve been looking for something like this for a while. TalkTalk Mobile uses the Vodafone network to provide its coverage, so if you, like us, live somewhere where Vodafone is your only viable mobile network option, this is a great SIM-only deal.

For £12 a month you can have a TalkTalk SIM offering unlimited minutes and texts, plus a stonking 4GB mobile data allowance. Or if that’s perhaps a bit much there’s also a cheaper £6 option with 500 minutes and 1GB of data. Both of those are 12-month contracts, but you can also pay a bit more to have the same allowances on a rolling one month basis.


Those are about the best we can find out there right now. These deals are apparently only available online, so check them out over at TalkTalk.

Stuff one of those in your Moto G and laugh at the £36 a month crowd.

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One of the largest and most popular games in the history of all gamekind is now on Android, with publisher Rockstar sticking Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas up for download today. For a £4.99 investment you get a game that’s been “remastered” and contains “improved character models” compared with the PS2 original, plus there’s cloud-based game save support for playing across multiple devices.

Meanwhile, the developer of this Android GTA has included adjustable graphics settings, for hopefully making it work or look as good as possible on whatever old lump of a device you’re playing it on. Here it is:



Scarcely believable. All we need now is an Xperia PLAY II so we can play it properly with buttons (Bluetooth controller support is in for touch-control haters). Check out Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas over on Google Play here.

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That HTC One with the gold paint job is now available in the UK through Carphone Warehouse, which will sell you the conspicuous mobile right now. Deals for a “free” phone start at £29 a month, which would get you the golden HTC One plus a Vodafone SIM delivering 1GB of mobile data and unlimited calls and texts. Not bad if this is your ideal fantasy phone.

Other contracts are available. Hundreds of them. Here are but two:


We’ve had enough of buying phones this year so will be passing on this one. Check it out over at CPW if you’re in.

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The bending mobile sensation that is the LG G Flex is about to pop up on the UK high street, with 4G specialist network EE preparing to launch it on its usual range of data contracts. The phone will arrive on EE next year, but prior to that it’ll appear in a number of demo pods around the UK, for phone fans to have a play with.

Here are the details about when and where you’ll be able to stress-test the G Flex for yourself:

EE is offering technology fans the opportunity to get hands-on with the innovative handset over the Christmas period in 10 stores across the UK. Consumers will be able to experience the smooth curvature of the device, as well as the innovative user experience (UX) features that make the LG G Flex one of the most ground-breaking devices of 2013. The smartphone will be displayed from the 20th December in the following EE stores:

· London – Westfield Shopping Centre, Stratford E20 1EH
· London – Westfield Shopping Centre, White City W12 7GG
· London – 155/157 Oxford Street, W1D 2JH
· Kent – Bluewater Shopping Centre, DA9 9ST
· Nottingham – 16 Clumber Street, NG1 3GA
· Manchester – The Trafford Centre, M17 8AP
· Brighton – 209-210 Western Road, BN1 2BA
· Cambridge – 40-41 Lions Yard, CB2 3NA
· Merry Hill – The Merryhill Centre, DY5 1QX
· Sheffield – Meadowhall Centre, S9 1EN


It’s rare that we get a chance to physically assault something with the express permission of the maker, so go wild.

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The still really quite new update of the Advent Vega tablet line has been discounted by the Dixons group, with the Nvidia Tegra 4 powered Android device now available through the likes of Currys for just £99. For that, you get the powerful Tegra 4 chipset sitting alongside 1GB of RAM, with the only negative point being a slightly low-ish 1280 x 800 resolution display.

Still, for £99 that’s a great deal, AND…


…using the code ACC10 gets you an extra 10 percent off at checkout, perhaps taking the price down to just £89 if you order online. Check it out here.

Link via HUKD.

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Samsung is bringing a large 4.7-inch display to the budget phone world, with its 2014 Galaxy Core Advance set to offer a large WVGA display in an oddly retro, button-using chassis. The phone’s powered by a dual-core processor running at 1.2GHz, which is paired with 1GB of RAM. That puts it down near the budget end of Android performance, plus the 5MP main and VGA front cameras aren’t particularly cutting-edge either.

And for some reason, Android 4.2 is the launch OS. It’s a bit of a mess. Speaking of which:



Not the prettiest thing. The only saving grace could be a super-cheap RRP, but that’s unlikely. Samsung will probably shove this out on the networks and hope a few suckers end up paying £29 a month for it after being told it’s the “newest Samsung Galaxy” by a man in a call centre.

Here’s the thing from Samsung, which came via Samsung UK — so we image a UK launch will happen:

Intuitive features and premium design showcase Samsung’s commitment to innovation

London, UK – December 16, 2013 – Samsung Electronics today introduced the Galaxy Core Advance, combining the powerful Galaxy user experience with enhanced features. The Galaxy Core Advance has a premium design, sporting a large 4.7” display as well as a soft coated back cover that makes it more durable, and giving it a soft touch, making it easier and more comfortable to grip in your hand. The Galaxy Core Advance also incorporates physical keys for frequently used features and dedicated keys for voice recorder, camera, volume, menu, home and power functions.

Together with its stylish design, Galaxy Core Advance provides a connected experience with updated Bluetooth 4.0. The Galaxy Core comes equipped with GPS with GLONASS offering improved location accuracy and NFC with S Beam so you can share information such as YouTube videos, contact details and audio files with just a tap. The Galaxy Core Advance delivers a range of smart features, including S Voice, S Translator, Sound & Shot, Group Play and Easy Mode.

To extend the Galaxy experience to more people, the Galaxy Core Advance also has convenient usability functions and enhanced accessibility features for disabled and visually impaired users. Key features include Optical Scan which automatically recognises text from an image and reads it aloud, light sensing technology that uses the camera to sense light direction and brightness, and instant voice recorder that offers simplified access to make quick voice notes. The device is also equipped with screen curtain that means you can operate commands on a black screen to ensure privacy and saves battery life, high quality TTS (text-to-speech) functionalities and voice guided camera functions so you can take pictures by reading out the number of faces detected and their standing location.

Galaxy Core Advance will be offered in Deep Blue and Pearl White. A range of dedicated accessories will also be available separately.

UK availability will be announced in due course.

Galaxy Core Advance Product Specifications

HSPA 14.4/5.76 Mbps
GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
HSDPA 850/900/1900/2100 MHz (EUR)

Dual Core 1.2 GHz

133.3 x 70.5 x 9.7 mm, 145g


1GB RAM + 8GB Internal Memory, microSD up to 64GB
*User memory space may be less than the total memory space due to system files. User memory may differ by region, carrier, and supporting language, and may change after software upgrade.


2,000 mAh

Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

Wi-Fi b/g/n/, 2.4 GHz; USB 2.0 H/S; NFC; BT 4.0; GPS + GLONASS

Features & Services
Sound & Shot, Group Play, S Translator, Easy Mode, S Voice, S Beam, Instant Voice Recorder, Voice Guidance (TTS, Voice Guided Camera, Text Reader), FM Radio

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We thought the Moto G was the best Android deal EVER when it launched last month at around £130, now it can be bought for just £99 from Tesco Direct. It’s in stock at the time of writing, but unless Tesco has five million of them in its warehouse, it surely won’t stay in stock for long.

We didn’t get around to reviewing the Moto G, but have been using it as our “main” phone since launch. It’s awesome in all areas apart from one — the camera. If you can live with its fairly blotchy 5megapixel output, everything else is fantastic. The battery life is a particular highlight, as we’re getting two days normal use out of most charges. A game-changer on many levels.


As well as smashing the 8GB Moto G model down to £99, Tesco has also reduced the price of the 16GB G-Unit, which can be bought direct for £129. Amazing. Best emergency/spare/replacement/child/wife/dad/dog phone EVER.

It’s a PAYG model that will be locked to Tesco Mobile (AKA O2), so will require unlocking if you plan on using it with another network.

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Possibly the most IMPORTANT Sega game of them all has just arrived on Google Play, with the Android version of Sonic The Hedgehog 2 now yours in return for £2.18. It ought to be a cracker too, as it uses the same engine that powered the stunning version of Sonic CD, plus this “remastered” release also includes the long-lost Hidden Palace Zone, a level removed from the original Mega Drive game late in development and subsequently pulled out of the code by hackers.

Here it is. We get some sort of funny sick/excited/aroused feeling from looking at the bonus round:



“Don’t let Tails ge-et any of the rings” are the words to the bonus round song, we believe. Looks great. Was great. Probably still is great even allowing for touch controls. Get it here.

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It’s here. The apocalypse. The Angry Birds franchise has turned itself into a driving games, offering what the mobile developer calls “downhill racing” in Angry Birds Go! It sees Rovio use its mega-franchise to shift physical merchandise Skylanders style, thanks to selling a range of Telepods alongside it that can be used to switch characters in the game.

Angry Birds Go! is free to download, although we suspect there just might be one or two adverts and in-app purchases in the thing to make it worth their while. Get it here and see if you can stand it.



We’re planning on giving it at least two minutes of play before leaping to a snap judgement.

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